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We are a restaurant specializing in handmade XiaoLongBao, handmade dumplings, beef noodles, beef roll pancakes, and stir-fried entrees. Adhering to the principles of health, delicacy, nutrition, and hygiene, we insist on using high-quality ingredients without adding any chemical flavors, so that customers can experience the most authentic Chinese Taste while eating Healthier!


"New place. Soft opening and not quite the full menu but let me tell you it's all delicious. Dumplings are some of the best I've had. Pepper Beef Udon is totally different than anything I've had before and now my goto. They also have traditional American Chinese items like fried rice which is also good. I would definitely give this place a try. ALSO, the staff are super nice and helpful! I look forward to trying the rest of the menu but everything I go the stuff I had last time is so good I just keep getting it again!"

– Dave Giovacchini

"Really enjoyed the food and open concept. Dumplings, fried rice, soup, spring rolls were excellent. Food is made fresh and you can watch them making the dumplings by hand. Impressed by professionalism of the staff. These people can cook. Will be coming back with my family for their official opening!"

-Luke Hester

"Really awesome service. The food was excellent too! Definitely recommend it"

-Eloise Jolly

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Ju Feng Yuan  Dumpling Cafe

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Ju Feng Yuan  Dumpling Cafe

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